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Like most, the thought of losing weight and looking the way I wanted to was impossible. The time and energy (that I didn’t have) to get there would take me years to achieve. But I knew I had to do something, weighing over 300lbs I HAD to do something.

I started losing weight on my own but I knew if I wanted to achieve the goals I wanted to achieve I needed some extra help. I reached out to Matthew and hired him as a personal trainer and that was THE best decision I have ever made. The very first session we had together he asked me what my goals are and how long I had in mind to achieve those goals and the rest was history. We started getting to work right away! He told me to trust him and trust the process and he would get me to where I wanted to be. Matthew pushed me to limits I never thought I could get to, he believed in me when I didn’t even believe in myself. He never let me quit. I trusted him, trusted the process and put in the work. I’ve lost 125lbs in a year and a half working with Matthew and I am the strongest I have ever been in my life. Not only has working with Matthew changed me physically, it has affected me emotionally and mentally. It has changed my whole life. The only regret I have is not working with Matthew sooner.

-Krystina Haliburton

I was looking for a trainer to help me with my workout programing and help me keep my numbers stable during a difficult transition period. Not only was I able to keep in shape, my deadlift increased 55 lbs in a little over six months! Matthew helped me to improve my form and provided excellent nutritional advice.  He was a great resource and very easy to work with.


--Sara Green


A few years ago, I suffered months of debilitating back spasms and sciatica due to a variety of spine and joint dysfunctions. Even after completing 6 months of physical therapy, I was not able to return to my normal activities without reinjuring myself.  I feel fortunate to have happened upon Matthew at my local gym.  He is so knowledgeable about well-body anatomy and physiology as well as dysfunction.  Every week he has a variety of exercises to challenge my muscles and help me progress.  His instruction on how to perform the exercises is clear and he is very good at correcting my form so that I don’t injury myself.  During the exercises, he asks to make sure that I’m not feeling any pain.  I always look forward to his creative and challenging collection of exercises that continue to push me.  Thanks to Matthew, my core is strong and I have been spasm free for nearly a year!  


~Lori Smith


I joined a gym for the last time in my life a year ago, quite possibly the day I joined was the very first time stepping foot in one. I had made the decision to make changes in my life. Of course new adventures brought anxiety. My walk thru at the gym was directed by an inspiringly positive individual, Matt, who that day became my personal trainer. Matt educated me on health, wellness, safety and balance. His knowledge of body mechanics and therapeutic communication during the training sessions was just the right blend to encourage even the most stubborn! Matt is a wealth of information and is always seeking out what's best for his clients. I highly recommend Matt as a personal trainer as he can help you change your life!


-Rebecca Gonzi

I worked with Matthew as my personal trainer in 2019. I was a little more than a year postpartum and my fitness level was at an all-time low. I had a passion for weight lifting, but had historically relied on group style fitness. I was nervous to get on the weight floor on my own; worrying about proper form and my ability to appropriately program. Matthew listened to my concerns and my goals and he helped me overcome my anxieties around working out alone, while helping me reach my fitness goals. In our initial meeting, he assessed my strengths and limitations and planned accordingly, then gradually built upon each previous session’s progress. He helped me establish a mind-muscle connection, helping me to become aware of (and correct) issues in my form based on how it felt. He discussed different phases of programming and answered all of my questions, sometimes more than once. He gently encouraged me to make lifestyle changes, including choosing a healthier diet and boosting my general activity level. After several months of working together, I had a newfound confidence in the gym and around my abilities, as well as a better understanding of dietary needs and overall health. Matthew listened to what I wanted and he delivered. He was patient, encouraging, and gave me the tools I needed to move on without him within a reasonable amount of time. I highly recommend Matthew to anyone looking for a trainer to help them meet their individual needs and goals. 


-Angela Nutt



"If you are looking for an honest, dedicated and knowledgeable trainer then Matthew Fox is the right person for you. I have chronic knee pain. Matthew has been very patient and has been able to work around my pain, while still building strength. 

I highly recommend Matthew for all fitness levels. He really listens to your needs, makes sure you're using the right techniques and is always there to motivate you to achieve your goals."


-Saba Raihan



I started training with Matthew in August 2020 and he changed my view of fitness entirely. As a young woman, the gym can be intimidating and scary. Matthew helped me gain confidence (while also making fitness gains!) I left each session feeling physically and mentally stronger. He also does a great job walking you through how to properly do each exercise. He tailors workouts around your current skill set, and what your goal is. I came in without a hard set end weight goal and Matthew was immediately supportive and helped me create non weight-loss oriented workout goals. Thank you!


-Angel Scott

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